" To create world changers and history makers through profound education. "


To prepare students to make a meaningful contribution to the society, as engaged citizens and leaders in a complex world...

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Our Commitment

Commitment to the personal education and growth of each student, creating a place where teaching and learning brings joy.

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Welcome to Trinity Lyceum ICSE/ISC Higher Secondary School

School Code : KE021

The School: Established in 1966 by the Servant of God, Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome M. Fernandez, past Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Quilon,Trinity Lyceum has grown in to a co-ed, ICSE/ISC Higher Secondary School with an enrolment of 4000 students from Kindergarten to Class XII and has the rich legacy of Cambridge schools. The school has been organised into Pre-primary, Primary, Upper- primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary. Lyceum prepares students for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education( ICSE) and Indian School Certificate (ISC) examinations affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. The school is owned and managed by the Catholic Diocese of Kollam and enjoys minority status.

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Founder's Message

Servant of God
Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome M. Fernandez

From the inaugural speech 1966

The Lyceum will stand as a beacon in all virtues and learning. It will turn out leaders to guide the destiny of our motherland. I take this occasion to remind the staffs and students of Trinity Lyceum of the devotedness and vigilance with which they should work, all with an awareness of joint responsibility and in a family spirit, to promote the interest of this house of God-the-staff by their solicitude for the spititual, moral, cultural and physical formation of the children. God has entrusted to their sacred charge and the students by their earnest endeavour, with docility and affection, to co-operate with their fathers and make the best of the educational facilities offered to them, so that all of them may turn out perfect citizens capable of leading their fellowmen in the services of God and country.

Principal’s Message

TRINITY LYCEUM has been a benchmark of quality education in the city of Kollam since 1966.‘Creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done’(Jean Piaget) Trinity Lyceum focuses on broadening the students’ horizons, helping them to grow personally, professionally and socially.
A quality education can transmute a kid at school into a pioneering leader in the workplace and community at large. In order to tackle the challenging environmental, social and economic issues that are a part of our modern society, we need educated, skilled leaders who are dedicated to critical thinking and creative problem-solving.
Educating the next generation helps fight back against ignorance. It helps people learn about the community at large and develop informed opinions on world issues. With educated opinions, we can support each other and make decisions that help establish a positive change in our communities.
Education isn’t just about learning reading, writing and arithmetic at school. Instead, formal education is about gaining the knowledge and the skills needed to become a better person and create a better society to live in. Rather, as Martin Luther King would say, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education”.

Fr. Jackson J


Manager's Message

The education is "the moral development of the person", a process that is by definition "lifelong".- M K Gandhi

The primary objective of education is to make a person better human being. Education helps one to bring out the best in a person’s body, mind and soul. It is not just teaching some values rather focusing upon the moral development of the child, which is progressive and regular. Every religion and spirituality aims at the same.

Being an alumnus of Lyceum I know the ambient in Trinity Lyceum has always been congenial and fear-free. Students are taught to see through the lens of fraternity, equality and freedom. Our school targets to form better human beings who can discriminate between good and bad and to assimilate the good and eschew the other. Our teachers have the space and resources to innovate and develop.

I hope and pray that you reach great heights of success, go fly high to make your own nest, and so here is wishing you all the best!

Seeking God’s blessings on every member of Lyceum


Rt. Rev. Dr. Paul Antony Mullassery

Bishop of Quilon, Patron and Manager

Vice Principal's Message

"Education is the foundation upon which we build our future." - Christine Gregoire.

School education is the most essential and effective platform that leads mankind to the formation of a progressive human culture. I consider it an honour to work with such a highly talented and dedicated faculty , an incredible student body and supportive network of parents and community members.

Over the years, Trinity Lyceum has emerged to become a passion among the student community that played a vital role in moulding their future. Children deserve an education that enables them to achieve the desired quality of life. Our directory of renowned and eminent Lyceans keep on getting wider as every other year we produce prominent students that go on to make strong impact in their respective fields. We have accomplished so much as a school community, and we will continue to do so.

Lyceum is committed to providing the best quality education to our students. Our successful efforts as a school have been recognized with several accolades over the years with the top ranking schools in Kollam District.

We trust that you will find Trinity Lyceum is truly a place where learning is joyful and meaningful which makes children delightful upon hearing the name.

Vice Principal

Leena Joseph Rebeiro

Vice Principal